DEA-Sectional Overhead-SPACE

JD 500.00


Sectional and counterweight spring door operators

SPACE is the range of sectional and counterweights garage door operators, available in 24V.
SPACE operators have built-in control board with integrated 433 MHz receiver (up to 100 remotes), and are available in three versions (art.SPACE, art.SPACE/XL, art.SPACE/XXL), with traction force up to 600N and up to 1200N.
The control boards NET724N and NET724N/XL allow to enhance the use for high loads.
Both versions are absolutely safety and complies with European Norms EN12453 and EN12445 thanks to the position management and the device for obstacles detection.
Main features:
  • Steel track with belt to ensure maximum resistance and low noise (art.AB16, art.AB20)
  • Built-in courtesy light
  • 2 channels encoder
  • 3 steps simplified programming
  • Quick connections of the motor to the track
  • Secured programming procedure
  • Continuos adjustment of stroke and forces
  • Speed adjustment and slow-down in opening and closing
  • Wide range of accessories to match the installation

For all models: 1 DE@NET control panel, 1 transmitter art. GT4 and 1 wall support art. GT-WALL included. Track not included.

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