QUIKO-Barrier Motors-ICARUS-QK-14OB-24-4M

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he QUIKO ICARUS series barrier gate openers are suitable for both residential and intensive use. There are four versions available: two are 24V and two are 230V. QK-I30 and QK-I30B automatic barriers can move rods of max. length 3m with high speed movement; alternatively, QK-I60 and QK-I60B automatic road barrier gate operators can move rods of max. length 6m with normal speed movement. As an automatic barrier manufacturer, we provide assurance of high quality and efficient performance that are quite competent in their application. The automatic barriers prove to be quite a handy equipment in the current scenario where the traffic is one of the major problems. They are quite versatile equipments as the automatic road barriers can be used in streets, society, etc. to control and limit the traffic. It must be ensured that motor for barriers is of the finest quality as the entire operation depends on it. Quiko is a leading automatic barriers manufacturer in Italy that boasts of having a high power and an optimum quality capable of performing error free operations.

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