JD 600.00

Barrier with 230 V motor power supply for clear opening up to 6 m and opening time 8 s. Impact resistance by means of Sensitive edge. Grey RAL 7015.

  • Control unit with programming display and built-in dual channel radio receiver.

  • They enable useful passages up to 6 m to be covered thanks to the new round boom

    For safe transmission.
    BFT transmitters use a rolling code system that manages the commands in a completely secure way and prevents any type of external violation.
    When a transmitter key is pressed the command is sent to the control unit with a different code each time, identifiable only by the receiver and accepted only once.
    The algorithm generated then prevents the reproduction of the code.Control unitALPHA BOMMotor power supply230 VPower input300 WType of limit switchElectronicLockingMechanicalReleasePersonal key

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